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This de allows for better movement and posing of your doll's limbs, and the sturdy construction means more hours of play. This was marketed as "green" on Mia. Any 18" doll may be pierced when sent in to the Hospital or at an American Girl place. Blaire and Just Like You 78introduced in Grey-tinted defect Some older dolls can have "grey" or "green" tinted vinyl due to factory issues during the period.

As ofmetal flanks have been removed and the elastic cord is simply knotted on both ends. To create a sense of realism, our dolls' faces are inherently asymmetrical, just like real girls' faces.

American Girl Doll Features Doll Features American Girl dolls are made of the finest quality materials—some parts are still crafted by hand, using traditional doll-making techniques. Hair American Girl doll hair is actually a wig, firmly secured to her head. Some dolls have flesh-colored "parts" of vinyl to add realism to their hair styles; other have sewn or woven parts. Some dolls are given moderately curly hair which is a looser curl.

Basic doll anatomy

Fog the debut of Felicity, the body tone had to be changed as colonial fashions were somewhat low cut. We've worked to perfect the formula for the texture and color so that it appears as authentic and lifelike as possible—even down to the eyelid color and sprinkle of freckles on some of our dolls.

However, following widespread negative customer feedback, American Girl made the decision to revert back to having dolls come with separate underwear in May Inthe shade was toned down ificantly. Every doll has painted eyebrows, generally americcan a color similar to the hair color. This means that newer outfits may fit tighter on older dolls, and shoes may not fit properly.

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The eyes have internal decals or painting that give the iris color. They begin as clear lenses, then are painted the appropriate eye and lid colors. No other doll currently has this eye color.

It's similar to the high-quality wigs created for real people. They also state that the doll is made with all new content in China, stuffed with polyester fiber, and are surface washable in English, Spanish, and French.

Children's information (optional)

It is darker than the standard hazel and more emphasizes the brown, though this may be due to batch differences. ts The t cups for the arms and legs are made of Lookinb and sewn into the body tightly. If a "grey-vinyl" doll is sent to American Girl for limb replacement, the entire doll is replaced with limbs of the vinyl tone she was deed to have; this is also true of older dolls that may not have parts in older tones such as Kanani.

Pleasant Company dolls have very light face paint while Mattel dolls have more prominent face paint. Spiral curls such as the ones on 26 or 85 are made from heat set straight hair. Zip ties were mainstreamed as American Girl expanded outside of the US and had to comply with international toy testing requirements.

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Inthe Tenney and Logan dolls were released with modified right hands that have pinched in fingers, allowing them to hold items in their collection without additional plastic grips or handles. American Girl Dolls Historical Characters Explore important times in America's past with our historically accurate characters. The legs are attached to the girrl the same way as the arms.

Made out of a blend Loooking mod-acrylic fibers of different colors and textures, it maintains styles well and creates a rich variation of colors just like on a human head. The ends of the cord which are left to dangle down are referred to as "neck strings"; cutting these short can loosen the knot and lead to the head falling off.

Isabelle Palmer was the first Girl of the Year to have any ear piercing offered at purchase; Grace was the first to have unique to her earrings offered. Hair should be dampened before combing or styling every time to prevent damage.

To keep Lookig Girl doll hair looking its best, we recommend using a wire hairbrush, a hair pick, or american finger girl, depending on the texture of her hair. Available in six combinations of skin, hair, and eye color, these inch dolls are for ages 3 and up. When the hair is parted into ponytails or braids, these hairs remain loose and Lookong cover the mesh wig for making for a more realistic looking hairstyle. The faces have a general overall look of a young, prepubescent child with wide eyes and soft, childish features.

Eyes A disassembled doll eye. Face Creating an American Girl doll's face is looking an art form.

Starting with the release of Naneawhite padding may be present behind the eyes. These include: Light Blue: first used on Kirsten. There is also a unique freckling pattern used for Tenney Grant.

The other side of the tag contains information about content and that the dolls are made in China; this is also repeated in French. It is made to match the skin tone of the doll's vinyl. These are assumed to be from early in production but cannot be relied on to give amerkcan definitive age of the doll. Mattel The bodies were slimmed down overall in the Mattel era in the bodies, arms, and legs.

American girl doll features

Over the front is a metal case with oval shaping. This allows the dolls limbs to turn and hold positions without moving and stand freely. The hands have small nails and defined lines to simulate girrl folds where finger ts are naturally.

During the Pleasant Company years, each doll generally had soft eyelashes that closely matched their hair color. The curled fingers allow the dolls Lookingg "hold" various items. Early Pleasant Company dolls had small body tags stating that they were made in Germany for Pleasant Company.

The main eye is encased in two parts. This can result in limbs going floppier sooner. The thumb and fingers are curled in slightly; the fingers are splayed, with fr ring and middle finger fused and the pointer finger slightly fused to the middle.