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Wanna f looking 4

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Platonic marriage is a possibility that might benefit both of us I am not seeking for anything sexual here so if you understand what i am seeking for then please feel free to reply to my post.

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Background[ edit ] Florida rapper Plies was the original performer on this song, but Akon replaced his verses with those of Snoop Dogg 's for commercial reasons.

Some of the lyrics are Since the version with Snoop Dogg already circulated unofficially in the mixtape scene, Akon replaced the single and album edit since Snoop Lookinh was already a well-received name, as opposed to that of an up-and-coming, controversial artist. To make it up, Akon recorded and produced the single " Hypnotized Wanns for Plies, being featured on it also. Plies was performing a concert when he was informed that his show would be cut 15 minutes short in order to give time to Lil' Boosie to perform right after.

It starts with King Edwards viiis speech abucating the throne. It was performed live at the American Music Awards. In an interview with Akon t Hot 97he said that the song was sent for Trick Daddy but somehow ended up in the hands of Plies.

Wanna of the Roland TR drum machine provide the song's bass drum, clap and hi-hat sounds. Ana fierro 31 August Reply I'm looking looking for a song name I think it's from late 70's or early 80's I use have the 45,the lyrics goes You and me,you and i,let's take a chance and give a love a try,let's build a dream and make last,make good as time goes by,cause you are everything to me Plies was arrested on July 2, for illegal gun possession while two of his people were charged with attempted murder after a shooting broke out at West Nightclub in Gainesville, Florida.

Julia 31 August Reply Hello!!

It was said that Plies was not the originator of the song and should have never recorded to that beat in the first place. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

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The lyrics are something along the line of: "Im sure there's aI need to know it's true "shooby doo ba, shooby do ba" comes after in the background I could be wrong about the lyrics though. The song was covered in by CocoRosie. Jeremie 31 August Reply I'm wondering if anyone can help me fins a song which recently appeared on my spotify release radar but it now gone.

Any ideas? I don't know how old it is but I think it's relatively new, even though I'm not sure.

I wanna love you (akon song)

And says something like love rules over kings and fools Akon and Snoop Dogg's management also Wanna to participate on each other's forthcoming albums. It seemed to be a bit of a duet between a man and a women where the only lyrics that come to mind are something along the lines of "suddenly you're on my mind, it's a matter of time, just say it ain't over, come a little closer" I know its not much to go on but if anyone has any idea Anonymous 31 August Reply Been looking for this song for sooo long, beginning to think I made imagined it.

This reached 14 on the U.

Billboard Hot chart. In response, Plies' entourage started to fire at the crowd, resulting in the injury of five people with non-life-threatening wounds.